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Weird Life Society: Monthly Therapeutic Art Membership

Weird Life Society: Monthly Therapeutic Art Membership

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Unleash Your Creativity with This Monthly Mystery Box membership

Tried other well-being memberships but felt uninspired? My unique approach might be the solution!

With this membership every month feels like christmas! You get a box full of quality mystery art supplies paired with a therapeutic art activity. Complete the activity on your own or at the monthly group workshop! 

As a member you gain access to the exclusive online community where you can interact with other amazing creative weirdos, share your art, thoughts, questions, and more! You'll also have direct contact with the head-weirdo herself, Krystal. She's a certified therapeutic arts facilitator, and would love to answer any questions you may have.

Live fully as your authentic self, become a creative weirdo today!


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  • Creativite Exploration!

    Each box provides a unique therapeutic art activity & all the supplies you'll need to complete it.

    Let it spark your creativity and explore your inner self.

  • Community Connection!

    Join the monthly group meet-up for a shared creative experience.

    Also included is access to an exclusive online Facebook community where we can support each other, share our experiences, and have direct access to a therapeutic arts facilitator 24/7.

  • Enhance Your Well-Being!

    Art activities are not just fun, they're therapeutic. There are numerous studies showing how engaging in the creative process can help us positively cope with life's stressors - but I don't want to tell you about this, I want to show you!

    Become a creative weirdo and join the Weird Life!


What's Included In the Mystery Box?

Each mystery box includes a variety of art supplies required to complete the months therapeutic art activity. The art supplies and activity remain a surprise, to add an element of fun and excitement to your creative journey.

Pretty cool, right?

Where Is The Online Community?

With this subscription you will be invited to the member-only Facebook community. This is where you can post, comment, and support other like minded weirdos! You'll also receive FREE bonus content from a therapeutic arts facilitator (me)and have direct 24/7 access to them.

What happens in the monthly group meet-up?

The monthly group meet-up is where we come together to complete the current months art activity. Lead by a certified therapeutic art facilitator, it's a great opportunity to connect with other creative well-being enthusiasts, participate in a supportive and safe space, and learn from each other.

Participation in discussions is optional, but is highly encouraged.

You will always be welcome to show up as you are, in whatever way you are feeling. We are human, not robots (not yet) and life happens!

Can I participate if I have no art experience?

Absolutely! Therapeutic art and this monthly mystery box is designed for everyone, regardless of experience with art media. The activities are designed to be engaging and fun for beginners and experienced people alike. Plus, the group meet-up provides a supportive environment to learn and grow.

One important rule to always remember: It's about the process NOT the end product!