Passion for Art, Passion for Individuality

At Electric Stroke Studio, I celebrate all the weird and wonderful things that make us unique. As a female artist and entrepreneur, I am deeply passionate about spreading love, joy, and creativity through my art. I am a self-taught watercolor & mixed media artist, that is always trying something different. You will see that I always tend to come back to abstract florals and skulls as they feel like home to me. Dark colors, a moody vibe, and anything but mainstream is how you can describe my art...and me! Check out my gallery and see which piece makes your heart sing!

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But Wait, There's More. . .

I'm also a certified therapeutic arts facilitator! I have a passion to help people use creativity to live happier more authentic lives. If traditional wellness activities arn't your vibe then you NEED to check this out! It's Well-Being For Weirdos, and I'm the head weirdo!

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