What Is Therapeutic Art?

Therapeutic art is all about using the creative process of making art to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It encourages self-expression, exploration, and understanding through artistic mediums, serving as both a catalyst for healing and a tool for personal development.

Sometimes words aren't enough to describe how we are feeling, or to release those emotions that are deep inside. Not only is that perfectly valid, but also it's apart of the human experience.

As I like to say: "There's art for that!".

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What To Expect

Join for me in a 90-minute online art session designed to explore your inner self and improve your emotional well-being.

With expert guidance, discover the healing power of art and embark on a journey of self-discovery. In each session we

  • Do A Welcome Check-In
  • Art-Making (Guided or Unguided)
  • Discuss Your Experience
  • Closing

Grab your art supplies—let’s uncover the depths of your unconscious for a brighter, healthier emotional life. Your transformative journey begins now.

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Being able to spend more time creating art together means that we can dive even deeper into a topic that you would like to explore. With this bundle get 3 therapeutic art sessions for the price of 2!

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6 Therapeutic Art Sessions: Because a Little More Art Makes Life a Lot Better.

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Priority #1: Authentic Living.

Nurture Your Authentic Self with Monthly Online Therapeutic Art Sessions!

If you're looking to explore your inner self, want to live a more mindful creative life, and enhance your wellbeing this subscription offers the art adventure that you are looking for!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Be An Artist Or Have Art Experience To Benefit?

Absolutely not! Therapeutic Art is for anyone who feels drawn to using creativity as a form of healing and self-discovery. No matter your experience, therapeutic art is for you!

What Supplies Do I Need?

Anything you have at hand. Budget shouldn't be a limitation to creative expression and self-discovery. Your recycling bin is probably full of art supplies!

Will You Teach Me Art Techniques?

No. This isn't an art class where I will teach you how to draw or paint in a technical sense. I will however help introduce you to different art prompts and suggest materials to help inspire your creativity!

Therapeutic Art is all about the process and not the end product, I will always hold space for you to create without any judgment.

Will You Interpret My Art Work?

Not at all! In Fact you will be the one to tell ME about your art!

What you create is a tangible depiction of your innerworld. By creatively expressing yourself, you are able to process these emotions.

What Are Your Credentials?

I am a certified therapeutic arts facilitator. I obtained my certification from the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy.